At WHOI: Julie, Katie, Becca, Emily, Lea, Ellie

At MIT: Guy, Anna

Unable to attend: Sarah

JP Retreat recap:

-Good turn out, good food!

-House was great again!

-Salt deficiency.

-Recommend for next year: (1) safety guidelines for activities, (2) beds with seniority as metric, (3) maybe limit the # to 45 people, (4) try to set up a payment through MIT that we can use some of the money to pay for the deposit on the house so that someone doesn’t have to personally fill it out and also have MIT sign the liability form, (5) activity waiver?, (6) gear-lists for activities.

-Write up the survey responses and also just a recap for next year.

Social Hour: Olympics Themed

-This Thursday

-Encourage people to bring their posters for Ocean Sciences.

-Guy has some snacks from GSC to bring down for the Olympics viewing that happens in the student center.

- Thank you note for ODGE at social hour!

Student Org Website:

-The MIT website is not our platform to share information.

-What should go on that: ODGE 10K info, Steinbach Scholar Info link, Who we are- what our duties are, list of the various funding sources/Support, rep e-mail, Events calendar (google). Logos—GSC logo, ODGE logo, WHOI Logo,

-YaWHOI is a link to Wiki

-Ellie to do this

Large Events Fund and GSC funding

-Application call out now is the one for June 30th; so the next one is the one we want for picnic.

-GSC funding application for buffins, bowling, etc.

-Apply for social hour even though not funded before? (yes—do apply)

-GSC community service application—this could be done for the trail maintenance and land trust stuff.

Steinbach Scholars

-Bio scholar has been nominated but we need to confirm acceptane.

-PO nomination list has been sent out (Monday) and voting will close on Friday the 21st

Winter Meeting-- March 6th

-Food starts at 5 pm and meeting starts at 5:30

-Bus held until 7 pm back to Cambridge

-*In Carriage house

-Julie will order from Anejo; Emily will get the beer

Off the Charts-

-Funds to throw more off the charts event

-Ellie and Guy can talk about planning one of them

-3 or 4 of them to happen this semester

-Budget is just $350 to $400 for food

-Discussion of possible speakers